Mr Zhang presents to a group of Tsinghua University professors.

August 2, 2010 – Beijing, China – Invited by Tsinghua University professor Lu Qiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an IEEE fellow, VCAEDGE Group co-founder Wei Zhang gave a speech about proactive smart grid business service management at Tsinghua University last week.

During the speech on July 29, 2010, Mr Wei Zhang outlined the advanced concept, methodology, and support platform technologies for proactive smart grid business service management, and reviewed VCAEDGE’s best practices in this area.

The concept, the methodology, and the supporting technologies that VCAEDGE promotes to ensure reliable, stable, and efficient business operations of the power grid and generation companies, are one of the important prerequisites to the success of the Chinese nationwide smart grid initiatives, noted Processor Lu Qiang. Processor Lu and his team also expressed strong interests in cooperating with VCAEDGE on core technology development and application.

“I am honored that I have this opportunity to give speech at Tsinghua University, and we will be happy to work with Tsinghua University ‘s elite R&D team more closely, to make more measurable contributions to the success of the Chinese smart grid modernization movement”, said Mr Zhang.


VCAEDGE Group, Inc. is a leading developer of knowledge based, rules-driven, proactive and predictive IT service management and enterprise application performance management technologies.

With VCAEDGE’s unique portfolio of leading-edge and proven technologies, we, and our partners, have been successfully delivering comprehensive, adaptive, extensive, yet cost-effective products and solutions in a consistent and timely fashion, helping customers:

  • Adapt, align, and monitor IT goals with business priorities;
  • Focus on business critical applications and minimize operating risks;
  • Predict and prevent critical system health issues;
  • Correlate business and technical issues and nail down root causes;
  • Improve and maximize Return-On-Investments of existing IT infrastructure; and
  • Assist to identify IT shortfalls and justify future improvements.

The VCAEDGE leadership team combines over 100 years of proven development and management experiences in software, IT services, and business services.

VCAEDGE’s leading customer and partner bases span many key industries and market segments including financial services, telecommunications, energy and utilities, government services, and convergent service providers.

VCAEDGE Group is headquartered in the beautiful Seattle, WA area, with R&D, sales, and support offices strategically located in China and other areas in the Pacific Rim.

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