Product Overview

PredictEdge Applicance

VCAEDGE ‘s PredictEdge line of products offers a unique approach to better align IT objectives and plans with corporate priorities. Focusing on the end result of the technology, as opposed to the technology components themselves, PredictEdge helps IT create a more proactive delivery model that keeps the right services running at the right levels.

PredictEdge appliances and web-delivered software enable IT organizations to quickly gain the insight and control needed to implement business service, enterprise application, and network network management. The personalizable, focused, intuitive interface provides combinations of data across the enterprise infrastructure that drive efficiency improvements in daily operations as well as accurate strategic planning.

With VCAEDGE ’s unique portfolio of leading-edge and proven technologies, we, and our partners, have been successfully delivering comprehensive, adaptive, extensive, yet cost-effective products and solutions in a consistent and timely fashion, helping customers:

  • Adapt, align, and monitor IT goals with business priorities.
  • Focus on business critical applications and minimize operating risks.
  • Predict and prevent critical system health issues.
  • Correlate business and technical issues, and nail down root causes.
  • Improve and maximize Return-On-Investments of existing IT infrastructure.
  • And, assist to identify IT shortfalls and justify future improvements.

PredictEdge family of products:

PredictEdge BSM — rule-based business and IT service management platform

PredictEdge BSM appliances integrate data from virtually any networked resource (hardware or software), collecting, correlating, analyzing, and presenting gigabytes of data in an easily readable, business service oriented visual format in real-time, and helps IT create a more proactive delivery model that facilitate aligning IT objectives with corporate priorities, and keeps the right services running at the right levels.

PredictEdge BPM — enterprise business process manager

On top of the features supported by PredictEdge BSM,  PredictEdge BPM provides a JSR 208-compliant JBI runtime component that provides services for executing WS-BPEL 2.0 compliant business processes.

PredictEdge EAM — enterprise application management platform

With built-in support for more than 80 technologies, including all major operating systems and databases, an extensible framework and user interface, and support for both virtualized and non-virtualized infrastructures,  PredictEdge EAM is the choice for web and IT operations teams of all sizes to achieve operation excellence.

PredictEdge ENM — enterprise network management platform

PredictEdge ENM Focuses on enterprise network management.

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