PredictEdge BSM

Business Service Management

PredictEdge BSM appliances integrate data from virtually any networked resource (hardware or software), collecting, correlating, analyzing, and presenting gigabytes of data in an easily readable, business service oriented visual format in real-time, and helps IT create a more proactive delivery model that facilitate aligning IT objectives with corporate priorities, and keeps the right services running at the right levels.


PredictEdge BSM combines a unique portfolio of leading-edge and proven technologies,  delivering comprehensive, adaptive, extensive, yet cost-effective products and solutions in a consistent and timely fashion, and helping customers:

  • Adapt, align, and monitor IT goals with business priorities.
  • Focus on business critical applications and minimize operating risks.
  • Predict and prevent critical system health issues.
  • Correlate business and technical issues, and nail down root causes.
  • Improve and maximize Return-On-Investments of existing IT infrastructure.
  • And, assist to identify IT Shortfalls and justify future improvements.


The following diagram gives an overview of PredictEdge BSM ‘s highly extensible open system architecture:

PredictEdge technical architecture


  • Highly extensible architecture and comprehensive APIs — allow rapid solution development, plug-and-play deployment, and easy 3rd party system integration.
  • Meta-data driven business object management models — enable interactively describing, modeling, monitoring, and control of virtually any service, resource, and/or business process entities and their relationships in any level of complexity.
  • Indefinite depth of logical relationship modeling and asset grouping — facilitate rapid, flexible service model changes to cope with the rapidly changing business operation environment.
  • Business rule engine and rule management system —  allow the capture  and use of business intelligence rules and solution patterns to make issue correlation, propagation,  and root cause analysis more accurate and more effective.
  • Personalization features — allow users to personalize their Web display and business rules so that they can stay focus on their responsibilities modeled by their own personalized KPIs.
  • Role based security.
  • WEB 2.0 style Web GUI.


PredictEdge BSM based industry solutions can be found in the Solutions section.

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