Implementation Services

VCAEDGE also provides professional implementation services for our clients based on our solid experience in all related areas . Once we are on site we provide:

  • Business process alignment, ensuring project goals are aligned with essential business processes, as we conduct workshops and interviews with key personnel using our proprietary data gathering guides and tools.
  • Project implementation, coming on site to guide your staff every step of the way, as we work with you to align your service management implementation with ITIL and business objectives.
  • Testing, which culminates in modeling, rigorous testing and QA prior to system deployment.
  • Knowledge transfer and project conclusion, where the entire implementation is tracked against metrics and deliverables.

Each implementation team is led by an experienced solutions architect, managing a team of technology experts dedicated to:

  • Collecting requirements to tailor your system to ITIL best practices and your business objectives.
  • Identifying and breaking down implementation tasks leading to your project milestones.
  • Estimating required efforts and assigning resources.
  • Expediting tasks and mentoring implementation challenges.
  • Designing, building, and testing your ITIL / ITSM system.
  • Providing knowledge transfer and smooth system handover.
  • Providing post-implementation warranty support.

The results of our implementation services is a high-quality ITIL aligned implementation, better tailored to your needs with lower total cost of ownership.

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