Gold Maintenance Services

Gold Maintenance Services is designed for enterprises that have minimal tolerance for service interruption. It provides a range of options from the highest level of responsiveness to personalized, proactive services that are unparalleled in the industry. This comprehensive approach offers you three coverage levels that build upon each other to provide the following features:

Priority Access

  • Priority queuing directly to advanced line engineers.
  • 24×7 priority case handling.
  • Accelerated service level targets.

Specialized Priority Access

  • Product specific coverage delivered by a designated single technical point of contact backed up by a team of experienced engineers.
  • Deep product knowledge results in rapid issue diagnosis and enables quicker problem resolution.

Premier Access

  • Entitles you to an elite team of experienced support engineers who intimately understand your complex IT environment, processes, and culture.
  • The team’s greater environmental knowledge translates to faster issue resolution and risk mitigation.
  • Regular onsite visits, proactive services and account reviews to ensure you get maximum benefit from your installed VCAEDGE products and technologies.
  • Flexible packages covering from a single data center to your deployments worldwide.
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