PredictEdge Assets Management/Securities Solution

VCAEDGE helps leading fund and securities management companies assure business service and process performance with tailored APM solutions baesd on PredictEdge BSM/EAM products.

Common Issues in Industry

  • Different focuses in business and IT departments
    • business departments.: business products, business processes, and business service quality
    • IT departments.: IT infrastructure availability, effectiveness, and efficiency
    • ISSUE: lack of effective and timely focus alignments between these depts.
  • Knowledge gaps in business and IT departments
    • IT personnel: I receive a flood of alarms from devices, how do I know which one impacts more on what business services that are more importance to the company? How are they correlated?
    • Business personnel: something went wrong in my biz system that affect my work. I don’t know what went wrong, and it is hard to describe it to the IT guys…
    • ISSUE: is it feasible to ask most if not all business and IT personnel to be knowledgeable on both?
  • Growing Complexity of IT Management
    • Concurrency: many faults occur around the same time;
    • Diversity: any component in the IT infrastructure could go wrong;
    • Correlation: faults may have dependencies, with one caused by the others (i.e. for concurrent fault alarms “server down”, “CPU temperature too high”, and “cannot locate file”;what is the root cause?)
    • Severity: among the faults, what are service affecting? What affect more business values?
  • In Managers’ heads
    • I will have to keep whoever familiar with your business environments, otherwise I have to preserve a 3 to 6 months of the quitting guy’s time for knowledge transfer to the new guy…
    • Upon receiving a service problem report, how can I rapidly and accurately nail down the root cause and solve the problem from the root?
    • How can I predict or detect a problem before it affects an important business service?
    • Can my IT systems provide me business intelligence data to support my business decisions?

What Does PredictEdge Do?

With intelligent financial service impact analysis engine on top of our traditional IT infrastructure management systems, PredictEdge

  • Automatically assesses the impacts of IT infrastructure on business service levels with accuracy supported by prebuilt but easily maintainable rules
  • Facilitates rapid root cause and business service impact analysis and rapid fault resolution
  • Supports flexible business service and service impact correlation modelling
  • Provides intelligent data analysis to support business decision making

How PredictEdge Gets to Work?

  • Model business services and impacts
    • Business service and process modeling
    • Business service level and KPI modeling
    • Service impact rules base buildup
  • Correlate business and IT applications / services
    • Model IT services and KPIs
    • Model correlations between business and IT service models
  • Deploy and serve.

Typical Application Context

PredictEdge Application Context for Assets Management/Securities

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